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Are you looking for garage doors in Norfolk VA? Whether your project is big or small, you can trust the experienced experts at the Overhead Door Company of Norfolk. We know how to install a new garage door on a home just as well as we can service a large hangar door at an airport. Even though we're a locally owned business in based in Virginia Beach, our fully trained staff knows all about the products that we sell and how to fix or install them.

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Garage Doors

Garage doors are the convenience that lets us in and out of our garage, usually without ever having to get out of our car. Many homeowners fail to realize it also has a major effect on the aesthetics of a home’s exterior. An old, worn, and drab garage door causes a large blight on your home. Older garage doors can also be a safety hazard, especially for those with small children.

A new garage door will give you the peace-of-mind knowing that your little ones are safe at all times. This is due to the latest technology in door sensors that will prevent the door from closing when even the smallest item is under the door. New doors also close quieter and quicker than their older counterparts.

There is a plethora of style choices for you to choose from that will give your home’s appearance a boost. Overhead Door Company of Norfolk has many options to choose from such as wood, fiberglass, steel and aluminum.Traditional garage doors are what many choose for a replacement, but carriage and modern designs can set your house apart from others. The extra style will make your house the talk of the neighborhood.

Broken Garage Door Spring Norfolk VA

Garage doors and their components are like any other household item - they don’t last forever. Over a certain period of years, certain areas of a garage door will start to fail. A garage door spring is susceptible to failure, and the time frame depends on the frequency of use and environmental conditions. If you have a broken garage door spring, or suspect that it might break soon, you need to call a professional garage door service in Norfolk Virginia for help.

Homeowners should never try to remove or fix a garage door spring as it can result in injury. A broken spring will be easy to diagnose, as the door will not function properly, and more than likely not move at all. Predicting when a spring will fail is difficult as they often do not give any warning. Some signs of a spring that might need to be replaced are:

  • A door that does not fully open
  • Loud operation
  • Any signs of stress or damage to the spring itself.

Homeowners who have a broken garage door spring have two options, including replacing just the spring, or the entire door. Many homeowners will find that the rest of their door components are in good shape, and just the spring needs replacement. Others will find that this is the opportune time for replacement of the entire door. This can not only improve the doors operation, but also give your home a new and updated appearance. Spring replacement would be the cheaper option, yet a new door itself could make a major effect on your home’s value. The experts at Overhead Door Company of Norfolk can help you with all of your broken garage door spring needs!

It's been our privilege to have provided service and installation to thousands of doors in our area for over 40 years! Handling projects of all sorts of size and application, we pride ourselves in our professionalism and attention to detail. In addition to offering free estimates on service and 24-Hour Emergency Service, we're also proud to provide discounts to veterans. As a locally owned and operated company, we take our role in the community very seriously. Call us today to find out how we can provide you with the garage door solutions that you're looking for!